Akilaria RC1 Class 40 now avaible to be chartered!


A new boat is available to be chartered for offshore racing:

“VAQUITA” a class 40 Akilaria RC1 will participate the most important races in Mediterranean Sea:

Regatta 200 x 2

Regatta 151 Miglia

Regatta Giraglia Rolex

Regatta Palermo – Montecarlo will be some of the races that will bring you to new eXtra eXperience.

“VAQUITA” has an amazing Palmares having won the Worlds Class 40 in 2007 , the ARC and the 500×2.

Optimized and skippered by the 2 times Olympics and Volvo Ocear Sailor  Andreas Hanakamp , “Vaquita” will be available for personalized racing programs , for offshore training session or simply for the ones that wants to eXperience a sailing emotion on a true Ocean Racer.

“VAQUITA” will be based in Venice.

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Akilaria RC1